St. Patrick’s Day is a jolly  holiday— whether you’re celebrating your own Celtic culture, a Catholic Saint’s adventure of snake chasing, or simply want to dress in green and feel Irish for the day. There’s great food, lots of fun with friends, and drinks flow freely whenever your cup runs dry.

Keep reading for some tips and tricks for a level up on your St. Patrick’s Day activities— a wee bit of weed does the trick!

Swap Booze for Weed

Research says, fewer Americans are drinking alcohol nowadays, and many are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by trading in their booze for marijuana. Instead of drinking green beer, toasting a green nug can be a much better option. You’ll get all the mind-altering fun of St. Patrick’s Day festivities without the jaw dropping bar tab or an epic next-day hangover.

Don’t want to completely replace your beer with weed? Try combining the two and ta-da! You get Cannabis infused beer! Cannabis beers, like all beers, vary in flavor, but most have an almost savory, dry flavor that is less sweet than traditional beers. Hemp beers are said to smell like “bong water” but taste sweet and hoppy. Combining the two will give you the best time you could ever imagine.

Join Local Events – BAKED!

Attending a local event is a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (while super baked). There’s something for everyone, from BBQs to town-wide celebrations to church events. This does not only provide a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but also brings you closer to the local community! Remember that public consumption of Cannabis is not always well received. So, if you’re going to a public event, make sure you’ve planned ahead on how you’re going to partake. Safety and lawful consumption should always be a priority. Never drive while intoxicated with cannabis or alcohol. No one needs to celebrate with a DUI. The primary component of marijuana that actually causes impairment is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There is no minimum amount of THC for a charge like there is a particular percentage of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level in reference to drunk driving. Hence, marijuana usage of any amount could result in a charge. THC can be found in the blood for up to 7 days after regular marijuana use. 90% of THC decreases in first-time users after the first hour.

St. Patrick’s Day Infused Meals

Don’t want to go out? With the right recipe, you can always enjoy good company! Kick start your green holiday with infused corned beef hash for breakfast. Add a twist to this classic beef and potato combination. Get the recipe here!

Do you want some comfort food to go along with your festivities? Real POT Pie is a dish with juicy chicken, nutritious vegetables (cooked in cannabutter), and a flaky pie crust. This recipe is sure to hit home and give you the kick you need to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 

What about dessert to round out your meal? We have an infused chocolate stout cake that will undoubtedly complement your beer! This will make your St. Patrick’s Day extra special.
Chocolate. Beer. Cannabutter. While all three of these ingredients are delicious on their own—they are even better together. The flavor sensation that comes from cannabis chocolate stout cake, with chocolate ganache icing, is created by combining these three ingredients in delicious harmony. Get the recipe here.

Stay Home and Enjoy it!

Who says you have to go all out to have a special St. Patrick’s Day? If staying at home, smoking marijuana, and playing video games in your (green) underwear sounds like the best way to spend the holiday, so be it! 

You can prepare meals that we have listed above. Watch a leprechaun movie like Leprechaun: Origins or Leprechaun in the Hood. Or maybe just enjoy a green CBD Tea that will give you a nice relaxing night.

Whether going out or staying in, you can choose how to enjoy it.  Because sometimes the best activity is doing nothing.

Prepare for the Next Day!

Want to have a good time but don’t look forward to what comes later with a hangover? We got your back! After a night of drinking and partying, you will almost certainly wake up with an epic hangover or numerous body aches that you wish you didn’t have. In that case, indulge yourself with a warm bath and add a CBD bath bomb from Holistic Releaf by Design to increase your bath experience. Try all four kinds,  you will surely enjoy them all. 

Discover our CBD FX Recharging Bath Bomb which will help you relax and unwind. You may also want to try our Calming Bath Bomb to help release tension with effective natural botanicals that soften skin with essential oils. Now, if you feel like your skin is dehydrated, you will surely appreciate our  CBD FX Hydrating Bath Bomb that has a hydrating formula with mango & shea butter to nourish dry and stressed skin together with a soothing formula of lavender oil and Hawaiian black salt for softening and detoxification. CBD FX is on the Forbes List for top 10 CBD companies. 

St. Patrick’s Day Special: Wrap Up

Hopefully, our St. Patrick’s Day weed options will inspire you to find your own way to celebrate this green-accented festival in whatever way you like to improve your mood. Everyone deserves to feel welcomed and a little Irish when they attend a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, whether they drink or smoke weed.

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Live well, live holistic!