Partnerships in the community are a big deal. And it is an emotional bond we create with our community through helping each other out, no matter how big or small. Shoe Donation Drive help promote awareness to others and provide help to those in need.

Holistic Releaf by Design

Holistic Releaf is proud to partner with our local charities. Whether it is saving the bees or a shoe donation drive, We won’t hesitate to help and promote great charity events.  Because above selling medical and recreational cannabis to our supporters, it is important to share with the community. We can come together and provide for the children in our community.

We are thankful the Great Falls community has embraced the cannabis industry and we think it’s important to support them back. Team up with us and make a difference for a child in our community!

Shoe Drive with Opportunities, Inc. Headstart and Great Falls, MT Sign War

Lastly, together with other local businesses and Holistic Releaf, we will promote and sponsor this great event. Our Great Falls branch will have a bin wherein you can drop off your donation. In addition, any new or gently used shoe for child to youth size 12/13 that you can donate will go a long way. 

The Shoe Donation Drive will run throughout the month of September to gather enough items and help a lot of children in need. 

Feel free to stop by and bring your pair of shoes anytime from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. We are located at 6 Black Eagle Rd., Great Falls, MT 59404. 

Together let’s give back to the community! Live well, live holistic.

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