Let’s save the bees! In the Environment America report, apiarists are losing their bee’s with an average of 29 percent or sometimes nearly 40 percent each winter. Causing a great impact to our biodiversity and ecosystem.

What’s causing the decline?

There are many reasons why our honeybee colonies are in decline. We have human activities such as intensive farming practices and excessive use of pesticides that can be devastating to colonies. Climate Change also plays a critical role in their decline – it changes every so often that it affects our pollinators. Lastly, since we are living in a technological world – air pollution is inevitable and is another reason for the decline because bees use scent molecules to locate their food but due to air pollutants, the bee’s ability to effectively locate their food and pollinate is now slower and less productive. 

Why are bees important?

According to UNEP (United Nation Environment Programme), bee’s are the greatest pollinators and are part of the biodiversity on which we all depend for survival. 

Health is one of the essential uses of bees. They provide beeswax which features in a number of skincare products and pharmaceutical industries also use it in ointments. Plu, a study found evidence that honeybee venom has Melittin, a component that can be used as antibacterial, antifungal and also a potential killer for cancer cells. 

Apiarists are an important source of income for many rural livelihoods in the country. Recently many local apiaries are experiencing loss due to flooding this summer.

Take action now!

Here in Holistic Releaf By Design we are creating a campaign to bring education and awareness to our community of folks and aid our local beekepers at a critical time. Let’s save the bees, together!

For the whole month of August, we are launching a Bee-Edible campaign wherein you can purchase honey related products and with each purchase we will donate a percentage back to our local apiaries and bee advocates. A couple of our featured edibles to look for!

  1. Fizzing Wizbees 
  2. Honey Bee Gummies in Lemon and Huckleberry flavor. 
  3. Infused Local Honey
  4. Honey Suckers in a variety of fun flavors

With any purchase of a Bee-Edible or Accessory your name will be added to the Bee Raffle for a dope basket. If you’d like to see baskets….they go on display August 15th. We will have 3 winners at the Great Falls and 2 at the Billings location. 

So what are you waiting for? Come visit our store and together we can help the bees!

Great Falls, Montana – https://www.facebook.com/AllNaturalMedicine

Billings, Montana – https://www.facebook.com/HolisticHealthMontana

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