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The Holistic Approach

Holistic Relief by Design is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary that takes deep pride in our quality of products, care of our patients, knowledge about the medicine we provide and our approach to organic medicine that is superior to chemical laden alternatives. Visit our two locations in beautiful Montana.


Education Before Medication

We believe it’s our responsibility to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding medical cannabis and to help educate people about clean and organic medicine. We embrace the holistic approach because we believe it delivers the best results and is the best for our patients. We’re always building on our knowledge base and experience level that continues to guide our patients to what works best for their needs.

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Holistic Remedies – Comprehensive Care

We only offer products we believe in 100%. Our products must offer an optimal healing experience, based on our personal experience and exhaustive research. Accessibility to  medicine is just as important as the medicine itself, which is why our medicine is always just a phone call away.


Doing What’s Right to Grow What’s Best

The Cultivation of cannabis has drastically changed from the days when consumers had no clue where their cannabis came from, what growing methods were used in the process or even what strain they were consuming. Today “craft cannabis” has gained popularity for being clean and sustainable. And, the quality of the product is far superior to “chemically” grown cannabis.  Being mindful of our patients health and the environment we know the process starts in the soil and ends with better terpenes and safe cannabis! We are proud to have years of experience and success growing with living soil! After all, this is our medicine too.

“The best gals around providing the finest quality medicine I’ve had in the 8 years of having my card.”

Andrea Dugan