Great Falls Menu offers a variety of products from beautiful, chemical free buds and concentrates to edibles and so much more. We have two dispensaries across the Big Sky- Great Falls and Billings, MT Whether visiting Great Falls or Billings both locations are fully stocked with qualified and compassionate bud tenders to recommend  the right products for your lifestyle and needs. Also, we have daily promotions and discounts for Veterans as well as Seniors.

Edibles from the Great Falls Menu

The combination of a fun and holistic touch makes our edibles stand apart. Always Full Spectrum with a wide selection in various milligram servings. The variety of choices will surely make your cannabis adventure 

Holistic Buds

The holistic buds give you an awesome taste of our home grown, organic strains.

Holistic Releaf’s Great Falls Menu Concentrates

Offering you a wide variety of options to choose from.


Full spectrum 1/2g cartridges offer a discreet and fun option for those who are on the go or just love concentrates! Our custom wood tips give a delightfully smooth smoking experience every time!


Never leafy trim but premium bud shake fill our hand packed cones for your smoking delight! Kiefy and tasty every time!

We have so much more to offer!

Check us out at 6 Black Eagle Rd., Great Falls, MT 59404

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Live well, live holistic!