Canines and cannabis can coexist peacefully. However, it is important to find a safe, tested product that meets the needs of your pet. CBD products derived from the hemp variety of plant are the best way to go! They do not have THC so you don’t have to worry about Fido getting high.

CBD or Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis that has been shown to treat numerous ailments and symptoms. Dogs, just like us, have to go through similar health concerns such as anxiety and stress. They can suffer from depression also. Your furbaby may be feeling a little discomfort, either from their arthritis or other problems. But don’t worry – Hemp is safe for your canine companion! 

Read this guide to learn more about CBD for your pets.

How to Choose CBD For Your Fur Buddies?

While many pet owners want the best for their dog or cat, not all pet CBD products are created equally. This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s important to know your CBD facts when purchasing a product for you or your pet.

Here are some helpful tips on choosing the right CBD for your pet:

  1. Hemp derived CBD products from USA only!

This will guarantee that your pup is consuming a product that doesn’t contain any high amounts of THC, which may cause toxicity in his/her system. 

  1. Go with Full-spectrum CBD oil

Full-spectrum CBD is the best form for pets, for a variety of reasons. First, full-spectrum CBD contains the most amount of cannabinoids that work together synergistically to produce incredible results for your pet’s health or human health. Secondly, it is best because it works on a more subtle level than other cannabinoids to help reduce anxiety and irritability in dogs.

  1. CBD products should be all lab tested and preferably organic, holistic!

The best CBD for pets is the kind that’s grown without pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins. The method of extraction makes a difference, too; CO2-extracted oil has up to 400 times greater solvency levels than industrial hemp extracts and is not overly processed so as to strip out all its goodness. CBD dog treats should be non-GMO and free of soy, dairy, corn, and gluten.

Canines and Hemp: Dosage to give your pets

With many CBD products to choose from, deciding on a dose of CBD can be confusing. Here are the tips you need to consider in finding the right dosage for your pets. 

  1. Consult your veterinarian or any trusted pet health wellness expert

They are experts when it comes to our fur babies and it is only logical that we will seek assistance from them. 

  1. Know the weight of your pet

Studies show that a good formula to use when deciding on a dose of CBD for your dog is: 0.25mg of CBD per pound of dog. This means for a 9-pound dog, a good CBD dose to start with is 2.25mg.

  1. Know the age of your pet

It is important to lower the dose as the dog ages. Because of this, younger pups may need a higher dose to get the desired effect from their CBD oil.

The best thing to do when using CBD oil for your dog is to consult with your vet beforehand and ensure that you are using the right dosage and the right product. With that being said, there are very low risks (if any) of side effects, and it is highly unlikely that your dog will have a bad experience while they are receiving CBD oil.

What is the best CBD Product from Holistic Releaf?

There are many CBD products out there but the best one is the CBD oil. Commonly known as CBD tinctures, The ideal way to provide CBD oils to your pet is sublingually, or under the tongue. As a result, the CBD can swiftly enter the blood through the tissues just below your pet’s tongue.

The main purposes of CBD tinctures are to help with pain relief and anxiety relief. They are often prepared from high CBD hemp strains and contain 60 to 70 percent alcohol.

Remember that canines and cannabis can peacefully coexist as long as we follow the right guidelines.

Canines and Cannabis: Conclusion

It is simple to understand why CBD is revolutionizing the community.

This holistic approach is becoming more and more popular around the globe for a variety of reasons, from preventing free radical damage and boosting immune system health to encouraging relaxation and relieving minor aches and pains.

Fortunately, CBD pet companies that are committed to creating the greatest CBD products for our dogs and cats to support their health and happiness have made it possible for our cherished four-legged companions to participate in the exciting world of CBD as well.

Now you know that canines and cannabis can coexist, here is your next step.

Next Steps!

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