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Passion and Ethical Practices have powered us through 14 years in the cannabis industry. We look forward to the next decade!



Our Story

Where It All Began

Founded in 2008, 4th generation family owned and operated Holistic Releaf By Design was formed by a mother and son who became passionate about natural, alternative healing and healthcare. It wasn’t long before they saw a serious need for ethical, professional and compassionate cannabis products and services. Always ambassadors for ending cannabis prohibition, we salute everyone who got involved and helped pay and pave the way for the legalization movement. HRBD proudly and selflessly joined forces with other like-minded cannabis supporters, working together over the years to lobby the state on behalf of fair laws and access to legal cannabis.

What you put into your body matters and how we treat the earth does too, we knew we had to be dedicated to higher quality cannabis and safer growing practices. A leader in sustainable and regenerative growing practices, we are willing to invest in holistic practices from the plants to the products. Chemicals are never sprayed or fed to our plants and organic ingredients used whenever possible. Organic ingredients are used whenever possible in our edibles.

Award winning craft cannabis paired with excellent employees is how we are one of the best dispensaries to not only shop but work for. Everyone thrives in a positive, healthy environment and we love investing in our staff so they can be their best!

In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognition

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What We Offer

Weekly Menu & Smokin Deals

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Top Quality Strains

From the hottest strains to in-house creations, you will love our selection. Sustainably grown under the Big Sky!

Dreamy Edibles & More

Hand crafted by award winning chefs, our edibles are positively delightful! Offering seasonal treats to everyday staples we know your taste buds will be dancing! Don't miss our honey bee edibles sure to keep you buzzing and help us "bee" advocates with every purchase!

Experience & Knowledge

Our 14 years of successful experience grew our passion for sustainable and ethically grown cannabis. We have taken the time to invest not just in state of the art equipment and excellent staff, but in our knowledge and care of the plant. HRBD is going the extra mile to grow clean medicine that heals the earth because we care.

Loyalty Program

Let us reward you for your loyalty with swag and discounts! If you are a senior or veteran you have earned an additional discount! Monthly giveaways and more!

We Love Our Community

Join us in our support of our local and global community! From local to international we love to give back and support our community and so can you when you purchase certain items or participate in the various programs we partner with.


Education & Medicine

We believe Medicine without Education would only do part of the healing. When you know WHAT your medicine is and HOW it works, HEALING gets elevated and HOLISTIC RELIEF is achived.


What our Customers are Saying

“A Great Find”

"Probably the best experience in Montana. Definitely recommend their specialty home-grown strains."

Darcy M

“Fabulous strains & flawless service”

"Without a doubt... the best experience in Montana. Definitely recommend their strains and services."

Glenn J

“Another successful experience”

"I order online and pick up conveniently when I'm ready. They make it easy to get my medicine."

Mary J


"The BEST!!! Can't say anymore. Definitely recommend them for their knowledgeable staff."

Jane M

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Great Falls

(406) 591-0660

10:00am – 7:00pm

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